Original Films

Racing The Sunset

Racing The Sunset is a two time award winning animation. I had the honor of being the sound Supervisor for the project. The Director Nikolas Smith met up with talent in the studio far before production had even started. This gave the animators ample time to work on getting sync down with dialogue. The last thing I had to do was treat the audio so that it fit the space that each character was in.

ROLES: Sound Supervisor, Foley Artist, VO Recordist, SFX Editor

Directed by Nikolas Smith

As You Walk

This project was in collaboration with a Senior animation class. The story is based off a Russian Children’s book. We had a variety of Voice actors come in to do the reading. The Team wanted to be able to choose between different dialects, and eventually settled on the one that you hear in the final project.

ROLES: VO Recordist

Sound Supervisor: Chase Scott

East Wind Radio Podcast

This podcast was an assignment for my ADR/VO class, in which I had to create an original podcast with ads. In this podcast I host the fake band, “Silent Scenes at the Village Green” which is a metal sludge band. To make things more interesting I also recorded them playing live in the studio with 2 AKG 414’s a couple of SM58’s and then went back in and added some drums in post.

ROLES: Host, Podcast Editor, Recordist

Cinema Studies

Pulp Fiction (Cinema Study)

In this Cinema study for “Pulp Fiction” I was challenged with re-syncing the dialogue for the scene where Marvin gets shot in head. Halfway through the performance my talent had to leave, so you can hear me taking over the lines for Samuel L. Jackson. To record dialogue I used an Sennheiser MKH 416.