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Position: Sound Supervisor/Creative Director

This was a film that I initially pitched to my friend as a commercial for the new clothing line he was about to launch. The idea of the film was to create a line of products that represent the sound that you make when you crash, otherwise known as onomatopoeias. As Sound Supervisor I wanted to create a fun and goofy feel that fit the vibe of the brand. Throughout the film, you can hear numerous effects that are more there to make the audience laugh than anything else.

Position: Sound Supervisor


This project was a collaboration with a group of Motion Media Students. Primarily my work included editing in sound effects and mixing the end product together.

To nail down timing and I used Pitch n’ Time as my primary plug in. This allowed me to create warped effects without creating any audio artifacts.

Director: Jayson Hahn.


Position: Sound Editor

Joe approached me wanting to enhance his film reel with some fresh sound effects. Originally the Reel only had recorded dialogue. I saw this as a great opportunity to practice emphasizing cuts in line with the music. In the project you can here a variety of timed effects that lie perfectly with the song On The Sea by Beach House. 

Director: Joe Russ

Position: Sound/Music Editor


This was a side project I did for a friend in exchange for having my logo animated. The goal was to engage the audience through sound and music. I wanted to create numerous “wow” moments that matched the stunning visuals provided by Jayson.

The song called Still Feel by Half Alive and features a simple drum track with funky bass and lyrics. To fit the length of the Reel numerous cuts had to be made to bring the 4-minute song down to 1 minute.

Director: Jayson Hahn.




Position: Sound Lead

This project was in collaboration with SCAD Pro and Fox Sports for the Men’s Fifa World Cup in 2022. I was part of a team of 12 students who were prompted by SCAD to create a 360 studio environment using Unreal Engine. Our Design Challenge was to create a “home” for the Fifa Men’s World Cup coverage that exudes the personality of modern Qatar while projecting to an American Audience an instant connection to the host country.

My role in the project was Sound Lead. I was in charge of implementing the project’s audio through Wwise and Unreal. 


Position: Director

This project was my Final for color theory. I attempted merging color theory with music theory, by combining the color wheel with the Circle of Fifths. Each note represents one color, and each chord represents a different color triad. The 2 wheels are simply there to help everyone visualize what is being played and how it correlates with colors.

Position: Sound Designer and Composer


A two-player virtual reality puzzle game that tests your problem-solving and communication skills in a high stake sinking submarine. One player is given the manual for how to keep you afloat, while the other player is submerged in the depths of the ocean. My role in this project was to provide several sound assets as well as music for the team to use.

The score is a piece I repurposed from a previous project called When The Rain Comes. This piece takes advantage of the midi plugin called Xpand 2 in combination with some Kontakt library instruments. 

Director: Oscar Painvin.


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