Original Films

The Musical Color Wheel

This project was my Final for color theory. I attempted merging color theory with music theory, by combining the color wheel with the Circle of Fifths. Each note represents one color, and each chord represents a different color triad. The 2 wheels are simply there to help everyone visualize what is being played and how it correlates with colors.

When the Rain Comes (It Came from the Sky)

This is a film created by students at SCAD. I was given the task of writing the score for the film. I used a variety of programs to get the end product including, Pro Tools, Ableton, and a number of different musical plug ins.
ROLES: Music Composer/Editor

Cinema Studies

Lord of War (Cinema Study)

In this Cinema study for “Lord of War”, I was put to the task of assigning the opening scene with a new music song, and edit it accordingly. I naturally chose “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones, because the lyrics suggest that man is the root of evil, which is what is being shown by the film. While editing this, I used time compression and expansion, as well as simple cutting and looping tools. My main objective was to ensure certain lyrics lined up with certain events. Like the when the bullets start rolling on the ground and you hear “Whoo Whoo” in the chorus, or when the scene ends and you a shout followed by the end of the song.