Community assistants (CAs) are student staff members of Savannah Res. Life who provide assistance and mentorship to all Resident Assistants and Residents. As a CA I served as a resource and leaders for the entire staff with respect to community programs and leadership development. To get this position one must display exceptional organizational, planning and programming skills, and has demonstrate leadership skills as an experienced Resident Assistant. Each quarter I was in charge of organizing and hosting one large scale program.

Resident assistants (RAs) are student staff members of Savannah Res. Life. As an RA I was responsible for staying in contact with Residents and building a meaningful connection through programing and day to day interaction. I was responsible for fostering individual and community development and promoting residents’ academic and personal growth.

Audio Magic was a program created to teach the importance of ADR. Residents were given the opportunity to recreate their favorite films, or television shows using the ADR process. Before the program, I created a pro tools session with about ten films to choose from, and then went in and cued up the session. I then set up an AKG 414 for voice-overs and a Senhiser 416 for ADR. Students took turns in the studio, and in the recording room. While behind the mixing board they were given the opportunity to operate the board and direct the person in the studio.

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After working as a lifeguard for two years, I thought it would be a wise idea to hold a CPR Training program.  With the help of my Resident Director, I was able to get in touch with two EMS professionals, Luke and Tony. Tony also worked as a CPR certification instructor, so he was able to bring along CPR training dummies as well as a training AED. Residents were taught the basics of CPR and got to ask the EMT’s any questions they may have had. They were even given a tour of a real ambulance!!! I also sent out an email to all who were interested a list of places in Savannah where they could get certified.

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In an effort to try to introduce the local Savannah LGBT community to SCAD, Elizabeth Copeland and I created a program that donates clothes and money to the LGBT community. We started off the program by holding a presentation with two of the local LGBT board members, Bowling and Sean. The two gave insight as to what SCAD residents could do to become more involved with the local community. Afterwards, we began the clothes/coin drive. To make things a little more interesting, we turned the whole thing into a competition between the four floors. The floor with the most clothes and most cash raised would win 100 points going toward their floor at the end of the school year. In total the program was a complete success, raising a total of $16.43 and 173 items of clothing by the end of the quarter.

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Open Mic Night was hosted by Jamil Houston and I. We created this event as a way to let residents express themselves through song, poetry, and comedy. The event lasted from  8:00-10:00 pm out on the Montgomery House Greenscreen. Jamil and I set up tables, chairs, a mixing board, and two microphones. Residents performed the whole night with a variety of different types of performances. Some went up multiple times, and some even performed their own songs! After the event was over, we had many residents tell us that they would love to see another open Mic night during the Winter quarter of 2018.

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As part of Montgomery Houses 2017-2018 year theme of Monty Magic, I created this program to teach residents fun magic tricks. I started with the basics, like how to handle cards, and how to effectively deal. Then we moved on to some small slide of hand card tricks they could do to assist them with other tricks. I had six decks of cards all laid out on the table, and used my computer to show my presentation. In the presentation, we followed many Youtube videos and ensured that everyone was able to complete all of the card tricks they wanted to learn. We went from least difficult to most difficult, so residents could push themselves as far as they wanted to. Afterwards, I sent an email out with a copy of the presentation so they could practice on their own at home!

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Monty After Dark was a large-scale community event hosted every year by the by the entire Montgomery house staff. This year, Zach (our Community Assistant) made the theme Alice In Wonderland. Each RA was given a room and had the task of creating a theme, game, and a reward for the room. Playing off of the Doorknob from Alice in Wonderland, I decided to create a puzzle game. The game consisted of 8 doors (each with an assigned number) and a string maze. I would give each participant a number, and they were given the task of finding their number behind one of the doors. 

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